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London Borough of Hounslow Appoints AllenbridgeEpic

Published: 17 Nov 2009

AllenbridgeEPIC Investment Advisers (“AEIA”) is pleased to announce that the London Borough of Hounslow has appointed AEIA to be the Independent Investment Consultant to its Pension Fund (“the Fund”). Karen Shackleton, a senior adviser with AEIA, and a member of AEIA’s Investment Panel, will act as the individual advising the Fund.

In that capacity, one of AEIA’s early tasks will be to review the Fund’s internally managed assets. In due course, a wider review of longer term investment strategy will also be undertaken together with a review of the strategic investment benchmark.

Commenting on AEIA’s appointment to the Fund, Christopher Edge, Vice Chairman, said: “I am delighted that another leading Local Authority Pension Fund has appointed us as their independent adviser. In particular we are very pleased to have been selected to provide a full investment consulting service for Hounslow, to cover strategic asset allocation advice and monitoring of fund managers and implementation of manager search programmes. We look forward to working closely with the Fund to help in meeting the investment challenges that confront schemes in both the public and the private sector. AEIA’s panel structure provides a vital mechanism to keep pension fund advisers fully up to speed with developments in the markets and the investment industry overall.”

Stephen Fitzgerald, London Borough of Hounslow’s Director of Finance, said: “After an intensive search process we look forward to working with Karen and AEIA to ensure that the Pension Fund’s strategic asset allocation targets and investment performance objectives are successfully achieved by our investment managers. We believe that it is essential for public sector pension schemes to seek the highest quality independent consulting investment advice, in order that the funding of the liabilities can be achieved as cost-effectively as possible. The Hounslow Fund has been a top performer among local authority funds in recent years; I believe that the partnership with AEIA will help us to build on that existing success.”

AEIA advises six LGPS funds* with a total value of assets under management of over £6.3 billion. Our team of advisers, through their association with AEIA, benefit from FSA regulation and professional indemnity insurance cover, and have the full support of other advisers within AEIA.

Alick Stevenson Joins AllenbridgeEpic

Published: 09 Mar 2009

AllenbridgeEPIC Investment Advisers (‘AEIA’) is pleased to announce that Alick Stevenson has joined the Investment Panel at AEIA.

AEIA provides independent investment experts, who have all held senior positions in the investment industry, to advise pension or charity trustees, investment committees, pension managers and sponsorson investment related issues. Each adviser provides their client with practical, in‐depth knowledge andexperience of all aspects of the management of pension or charity assets. Clients have the reassurance of knowing that their adviser is FSA regulated, has professional indemnity insurance and is dedicated to their fund. Because our focus is purely on investment related issues and the provision of investment advice ‐ we offer no other service or function ‐ our work for clients is uncompromised by conflicts of interest. Each adviser shares their knowledge with AEIA colleagues and to ensure that they continue developing their expertise all AEIA’s advisers meet regularly as a formal Investment Panel. This means that each client benefits from the total experience of the group as well as that of their individual adviser.

Alick Stevenson has recently retired from the Merchant Navy Officers Pension Fund where he was Director of Investments, responsible for recommending asset allocation, manager selection and oversight, as well as managing the internal audit and governance process, and delivering the Trustee ‘TKU’ programme. Prior to this he ran his own consulting business specialising in the provision of interim treasury management services and spent almost fifteen years as Treasurer, EMEA Region, for Nortel Networks, the global telecommunications supplier.  A Fellow of the Association of Corporate Treasurers, Alick is also a member of the Marathon Club; was elected to the NAPF Investment Council in 2008; and is currently the independent investment adviser to the London Borough of Newham pension scheme.


Commenting on Alick Stevenson’s appointment to AEIA’s Investment Panel, Christopher Edge, Chief Executive, said, “Following his long and distinguished career in treasury and pensions and investment management, Alick Stevenson brings considerable and invaluable experience of significant pension schemes to AEIA and its members. This includes experience in the growing field of ‘fiduciary management’ whilst  Alick’s involvement in the public sector blends with  AEIA’s focus in this area where we already advise a number of County Council and London Borough Funds.  In addition to advising corporate sector pension schemes Alick will also work closely with AEIA’s existing Panel members, Peter Scales and Keith Bray, on the provision of our specialist LGPS investment, governance and compliance services. He will also strengthen AEIA’s LGPS advisory group, which now numbers six members”.

Alick Stevenson said, “By joining AEIA, I will be putting the knowledge and experience I have gained of private and public sector pension schemes into practical use and will link with my fellow AEIA Panel members in seeking to improve best practice in the provision of investment advice.  I expect to benefit significantly from the formal association with my AEIA colleagues, extending my own knowledge and understanding of pension fund investment issues.”

AEIA now has a growing list of pension fund clients in both the private and public sectors, and has been joined by an impressive group of Investment Panel and Associate members.