AllenbridgeEpic Appoints John Arthur as Managing Director

AllenbridgeEpic Investment Advisers (AllenbridgeEpic), a leading investment adviser to UK pension funds, is pleased to announce that John Arthur has been appointed as Managing Director.

John has over 25 years’ experience within the defined benefit pension industry, working with both corporate and local authority pension schemes. He has been a Senior Adviser with AllenbridgeEpic since February 2012.

Prior to joining AllenbridgeEpic, John was a Director at Aerion Fund Management – the in-house fund manager for the National Grid UK Pension Scheme – and was previously a Fund Manager covering UK and international equity markets. His responsibilities included communicating directly with the Scheme’s trustees, advisers and secretariat regarding all investment matters, including the long term strategy for matching the Scheme’s liabilities.

Anthony Yadgaroff, Chairman of AllenbridgeEpic said:
‘We are very pleased to appoint John as the Managing Director of AllenbridgeEpic. John has been a valuable member of our team since he joined and has built up strong relationships both with clients and his fellow team members in a relatively short period of time. Our corporate and local government pension investment advisory business has substantial momentum and continues to grow rapidly. We are confident that under John’s leadership this will continue into the future. We are fortunate to have someone of John’s calibre on the Allenbridge management team.’

John Arthur said:
‘Under the stewardship of Karen Shackleton and Odi Lahav, AllenbridgeEpic has continued to grow and is now widely acknowledged as a major force in the institutional pension sector with advised assets of over ’40 billion. It has a unique business proposition, offering independent investment advice by placing hugely experienced and knowledgeable industry practitioners directly in front of the client. Our continued growth indicates that this combination is highly valued.

The challenges facing pension providers are increasingly well known; it is in helping to construct the answers where our advisers with their direct investment experience and breadth of understanding, can come into their own.

I look forward to working with our advisers to assist our client base in answering the challenges that investment markets will bring in the future and of continuing the strong growth of the AllenbridgeEpic business model.’

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