MJ Hudson Allenbridge AIM IHT Spotlight Report 2019

This Spotlight Report looks back at the performance of the market over the course of 2018 (and beyond) as well as unveiling AIM IHTInvestment Manager’s outlook for AIM in 2019.

In addition, we shine a light on products and managers which provide investment opportunities in Alternative Investment Market (“AIM”) within a service which is structured to make it eligible for Inheritance Tax (“IHT”) relief for investors. We look at the performance of the market more generally over 2018, as well as the major events that saw noticeable changes to the market, and those companies and trends that showed great continuity over the course of the year. We also surveyed all of the major providers of AIM IHT products and compiled a snapshot of each responding manager in terms of their performance over 2018, the strategy their product adopts, the composition of the team members, and the Manager’s outlook for the market in 2019. We think this information will prove extremely useful for investors and advisers who want to get a better understanding on the AIM market as a whole, the range of providers of AIM IHT services, and some of the key differences between the services available to them.

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Investment Analytics

Joanne Job

Managing Director - Head of Research

Alternative Investments

Tax-Advantaged Investments

Lauren Radford

Head of Business Management (Tax-Advantaged Investments)