MJ Hudson Allenbridge VCT Spotlight Report 2019/20

Following the popularity of MJ Hudson Allenbridge’s AIM Spotlight report, and as we move further into the current Venture Capital Trust (“VCT”) fundraising period, this is a natural fit for the next edition in the series. We will be providing a broad overview of the VCT landscape, the products on offer, past performance, and an outlook on the market, as it is viewed by VCT investment managers.

In this Spotlight Report, we shine a light on products and managers currently raising money for VCT offerings. We have surveyed all of these managers and have compiled a snapshot of each responding manager in terms of the strategy their VCT adopts, the composition of each VCT’s portfolio, dividend targets, buy back policies and recent exit history. We think this information will prove extremely useful for investors and advisers who want to get a better understanding of the VCT market as a whole, the range of providers of VCTs, and some of the key differences between the products available to them.

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Investment Analytics

Joanne Job

Managing Director - Head of Research

Alternative Investments

Tax-Advantaged Investments

Lauren Radford

Head of Business Management (Tax-Advantaged Investments)