Our People
Our People

John Arthur

Senior Adviser

Telephone: +44 20 7079 1000

John is a Senior Adviser and the former Managing Director – Advisory Services. He has over 25 years’ experience within the defined benefit pension industry, having worked with both corporate and local authority pension schemes.

Prior to joining MJ Hudson Allenbridge, John was Director of Client Services at Aerion Fund Management and the in-house fund manager for the £14bn National Grid UK Pension Scheme – and was previously a Fund Manager covering UK and international equity markets.

At Aerion, John was responsible for communicating directly with the Scheme’s trustees, advisers and secretariat regarding all investment matters, including the long term strategy for matching the Scheme’s liabilities, and managing the scope and terms of agreement with investment managers. During this time, John was also a member of the investment group responsible for agreeing all investment processes used within Aerion and was a member of the Management Committee of the in-house fund manager.

As Investment Director of International Equities, he was responsible for a team of investment professionals managing £2bn in overseas (ex UK) equities and directly managing a portfolio of £1bn in European equities.