Manager Selection

Manager Selection

We recognise that each client is different and each manager search is unique. We are fully independent. We do not have preferred investment managers nor do we buy lists. Our selection process is designed to be free of bias, focused entirely on our clients’ needs and follow a rigorous and proven framework. Our team has a great deal of experience with local government procurement rules and the OJEU process, and we are able to assist our clients with the design and implementation of manager selection exercises according to this framework.

Every selection exercise is bespoke to our clients’ needs

All our manager selection services are always bespoke, both in terms of the analytical work and the overall client experience. Our aim is to ensure that we correctly match our service to our clients’ specific needs and requirements. We work closely with our clients at the outset to define their investment requirements and how involved they would like to be throughout our process.

We leverage our extensive fund databases, industry knowledge and broad networks to source managers and investment ideas for our clients. For broad mandates, customised to our clients’ needs and constraints, our approach also incorporates quantitative analytics through our proprietary risk-return based filtering systems and peer group analyses to create a short-list.

Short-listed funds go through a rigorous investment due diligence process, where our analysts and advisers question the fund managers regarding their investment strategy and processes, before approving the funds and making their recommendations.

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