AdvantageIQ is an online investment due diligence system that covers VCT, EIS, SEIS and BR IHT products offering.

The industry is both maturing and growing rapidly attracting a broader set of investors and in our view, this trend appears set to continue. Our goal in developing the AdvantageIQ system was to improve our research and drastically increase transparency. The system is an Integrated Questionnaire (“IQ”) system, as it is an extremely flexible platform that can be used to create (due diligence) questionnaires efficiently and relate questionnaires to one another or any product providers, promoters, managers, funds, companies, investors or clients. This enables the system to handle all the complexity of the tax shelter product market, as well as adapt quickly to any industry developments, as directed by our analysts. There is no limit to the type of information that can be collected through the AdvantageIQ.

What can it do?

Questionnaires are attributed to the Managers, Promoters, Products and Offers, or any other entity for that matter. The users that will be required to answer the questions are also set up on AdvantageIQ. The system then communicates directly with Users, and ultimately prompts them automatically when questions/answers need to be reviewed and updated. The questionnaires have built in sign-off features. Managers can have one individual or a group complete the questionnaire and a nominated senior individual to sign-off and finalize the submission. We have also taken great care to alleviate the burden of completing multiple questionnaires for multiple products by allowing the answers from one questionnaire to be copied to another, saving time and effort in data entry. All information entered into the system is fully tracked and auditable – a necessary feature in this compliance-driven world.

Our standard questionnaires have been designed to work in tandem with our modular methodology, streamlining the delivery of our research and ratings.

All the information is in one place and our analysts perform their analytical work directly on the system and it, in turn, creates the report templates, accessing the data entered onto the system. AdvantageIQ thereby removes the need for analysts to be involved in the production elements of the report (such as producing chart and tables and formatting documents) leaving the analysts to spend the majority of their time to do analysis and right their conclusions.

AdvantageIQ‘s flexibility is also used to provide a fully tailored and customisable client experience. The data captured by the questionnaires is presented in customisable dashboards. Clients have the option to add filters of their choice giving the ability to quickly narrow down the information as required. Once this tailored list has been created a user is able to view a fully customizable “fund factsheet”, which displays any of the information provided by the Manager/Analysts relating to both current and historical products in both tabular and graphical forms. Not only are these dashboards and factsheets customizable on a user-by-user basis, but they are also “live”, as the system updates as soon as the Managers/Analysts update their questionnaires, giving investors a dynamic view of current investment opportunities as the Manager is prompted by the system to update data on a question by question basis. This allows Investors and Sales teams to consistently have up to date data with which to work with and also allows Manager’s to keep the market constantly informed.

The system addresses a key need of both Investors and sales teams, providing up to date fundraising data as during fundraising periods. Based on answers provided by the Providers, live information about the current state of the products’ capacity can be displayed allowing for day-to-day monitoring ensuring no opportunity is missed. This also allows providers of these products to constantly alert the market to their fundraising process thus improving the communication between all parties involved in the process.

At MJ Hudson Allenbridge we have traced the historic data related to the VCTs in the market since their original inception, this includes all the allotments of share, movements in NAVs and share prices, dividends, share buybacks, reverse buybacks and share split, as well as all corporate activity including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and changes in manager. All that you need to do is tell us what you bought, the number of shares and on what date and we can calculate the rest. Our reports will provide you with the current valuations and relevant performance calculations over various periods.

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… Need something different? Through AdvantageIQ we are able to customise the reports, and provide factsheets of live VCTs, just contact our team and we will be able to assist you.