For Managers

For Managers

MJ Hudson Allenbridge writes reports across a range of UK tax-advantaged investment products. We cover the whole of the VCT market and cover a majority of offerings in the EIS/SEIS/BR IHT/AIM IHT market. To ensure their eligibility for review, we have a basic checklist for offers to satisfy, primarily can it successfully go through the MJ Hudson Allenbridge process and does it match subscriber demands.

MJ Hudson Allenbridge’s basic criteria checklist:

  • Minimum offer size: £5 million (Reduced to £1.5million for SEIS-only offerings)
  • Longevity: fundraising capacity available after the completion of the Review Process
  • Finalised offer documentation: including Prospectus, Information Memorandum, etc.
  • Underlying Assets/Companies are not specialised in highly niche market (MJ Hudson Allenbridge’s Discretion)
  • Offering does not meet the above conditions, but a review has been requested by several Subscribers

All decision regarding the eligibility of offers are made by the Commercial team in conference with our analysts and the Investment Committee. The Commercial team is also responsible for review schedule. MJ Hudson Allenbridge’s analysts do not have any involvement in final decision regarding eligibility and scheduling.

Please Note: MJ Hudson Allenbridge does offer a service to commission a report, if the product does not match all of MJ Hudson Allenbridge’s basic criteria, but please note that this report will be clearly labelled that is was commissioned by the product provider.

Product Providers who are reviewed must need agree to act in accordance with the MJ Hudson Allenbridge review process to ensure MJ Hudson Allenbridge continued delivery of auditable, transparent and fair research. The two principle requisites are:

  • Commitment to completing due diligence questionnaires on AdvantageIQ (our due diligence system)
  • Hold an active subscription for a year in which Product is being reviewed to ensure Fund Manager’s ability to see publication of their reports and ability to contextualise review amongst their peers.

To submit a Product for possible review, please contact us including your IM (if available) and outline fundraising amounts, investment strategy and fund manager details.

Fund managers of EIS/SEIS/BR IHT/AIM IHT who are ineligible or do not wish to undertake a full MJ Hudson Allenbridge review can elect to only be to be listed as an open offer on our website.

We would require the supply of some basic details, and commitment to providing ongoing updates during the life of the fundraising via AdvantageIQ.

Please contact us for further information.