Our Process

Our Process

A key to MJ Hudson Allenbridge’s research into tax-advantaged investment products is that we have a set review process, including a layer of governance that adds analytical oversight. This enables us to confidently deliver the best possible advice and research reports which are truly independence and fair.


The cornerstone of our research is the collaborative team approach and our commitment to a robust governance process. Our view is that in a sector of the market as diverse as the UK tax-advantaged investment market, no one person can have all the expertise needed to deliver fully independent in-depth research across the widest range of products. Our team have diverse backgrounds, including tax, legal, accounting and actuarial expertise and our analysts have a wealth of experience performing due diligence on private investments and tax shelter products. Of course, if we don’t have the requisite expertise in-house then we will seek to bring in third-party consultants to assist the team in the reviews.

At MJ Hudson Allenbridge we value our independence above all and we also work hard to avoid potential conflicts of interest in our business and manage (and disclose) them where they are unavoidable. MJ Hudson Allenbridge is remunerated via five main revenue streams: Subscriptions; advisory fees for panel services; execution-only commissions; report licensing fees and valuation services. We follow best industry practices and separate analytical and commercial responsibilities of the team, our analysts may not discuss commercial terms with providers or clients. We also ensure that all research is fed into our governance process, under the oversight of our investment committee and compliance officer.

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