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Individual Investors Services

MJ Hudson Allenbridge offers an online research subscription service covering the three main UK tax-efficient product ranges, VCTs (whole of market), EIS/SEIS and BR (IHT) – where we cover a majority of the market including new entrants to offer the widest scope of reports.

We have been providing tax efficient research since 1985.  Our experience in the tax-efficient product market has led us to the conclusion that no one person can have the expertise to cover such a diverse market. Over the years we have developed a team approach to our research, where our analysts work together often supported by our industry network and where our ultimate analysis is vetted by a team of highly experienced investment professionals who sit on our Investment Committee. To avoid any potential conflicts of interest, we also take great care to ensure that neither our analysts nor our Investment Committee members have any commercial responsibilities. We have a separate commercial and administrative team that manage that process. Moreover, we are an FCA regulated company1, and our compliance officer reviews our policies, procedures and final research reports.

It is with this strength and diversity of our team and our independent, transparent and comprehensive governance process (more information) that we are confident that we can continue to deliver the most comprehensive and detailed independent research to our clients.

Allenbridge’s subscription service includes the following:

  • Individual Reports per offering, including score rankings
  • Helpful research tools including ability to filter, sort and search through current offerings
  • Open Offer tables, itemising application details, fundraising and prospectuses
  • Access to Allenbridge’s historical catalogue of reports (for subscribers of all three products)
  • VCT Performance Data (VCT Only)
  • Tailored email notification including report publications
  • Self Managed Subscription Accounts

Allenbridge subscription service is designed to be flexible for subscribers’ individual needs, with the ability to choose a single or combination of individual tax-efficient product review categories to subscribe to, to the ability to opt in and out of different news alerts.

Our subscription pricing are determined by the number of product ranges. For individual subscribers, the service is only available if for personal investment research only and upon the successful completion of appropriateness and associated paperwork.

For further details on pricing please complete the registration process or feel free to contact us.

Allenbridge provides investment analytical services and market research, both at the fund/portfolio level and individual transaction. This covers the full spectrum of tax advantaged investments including BPRA and related real estate investments.  For information and pricing for our variety of bespoke solutions please contact us.
Allenbridge will be offering shortly an online facility for client’s to self manage and generate individual VCT valuation summaries by using our collected performance data. Allenbridge has collected historical performance on all VCTs including individual allotment issue prices and tracking shares through VCTs’ numerous previous corporate actions, to ensure we deliver the most accurate bespoke VCT Valuation to our Clients.

The Fees for our Valuation are determined by the number of individual holdings per investor. Valuations will be available as parts of the Allenbridge execution-only services. Currently execution-only clients can request up to two valuations a year which will be sent to them via email.

For information and pricing for Valuation services please contact us.

Allenbridge acts as an Execution-Only Intermediary on behalf of clients for UK tax efficient products.

As an execution-only intermediary, where possible we offer our clients a discount to their subscription charges by reimbursing all our initial commission due to us back to them. On applications Allenbridge will be paid a trail commission on the application by the product provider for the application. Where a trail commission is not available, Allenbridge will typically retain a small percentage of any initial commission.

Our promise is to always deliver our clients the best possible discounts.

Allenbridge in addition offers our Execution clients free access to our online research subscriptions service for one tax year following a successful investment in the product range in which the investment was placed (for example, if an investor has made an investment in a VCT, executing through Allenbridge in February 2016, they will receive an Allenbridge VCT subscription to April 5th 2017). Discounts are available if investors wish to have accessed to additional research product streams.

Investors who place a VCT investment through Allenbridge will be able to request up to two valuations per year, which will be delivered to them via email. Investors will be able to use this valuation service for a durance of four years after the investment was originally made. This will be converted to an online valuation system in the near future.

Please note: Investors are required to complete a set of compliance and administrative paperwork prior to completion of any application, including appropriate appropriateness tests, anti money laundering documents and terms and conditions to be eligible to place an investment through us. Our team will guide you through this process and provide any assistance that you may need.


[1] MJ Hudson Investment Consulting Limited is an appointed representative of MJ Hudson Investment Advisers Limited.