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The Many AIMs of Inheritance Tax Relief – February 2018

I was recently invited to present at an event in Liverpool, focused on investment into businesses operating in and around the North-West. The event was well attended by both investment professionals as well as numerous financial advisors. The topic of my presentation was focused on an “Overview of the Tax-Advantaged Space” and, accordingly, I outlined the core themes and developments which the tax-advantaged investment team have noticed in recent months, as we undertake our research. Following the interesting conversation spurred by the presentation, I thought it fitting to discuss the points raised here.

The presentation was divided into two broad categories, the first was an examination of Business Relief (“BR”) and the second takes an examination into the effects which the Patient Capital Review (“PCR”) has had on the EIS and VCT market, and more pertinently the implications which this has had on the due diligence process in this space.

Over the course of two editions of View From the Bridge I will address these two topics. In this edition, I will address the recent review of Inheritance Tax (“IHT”) undertaken by the Office for Tax Simplification (“OTS”), and the potential implications, if any, which this could have on qualifying trades. Secondly I will take a brief look at the impact which the recent AIM sell-off may have on sentiment around AIM IHT products.

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