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Shining a light on VCTs: which is best for your needs in 2019/20? – November 2019

In this month’s edition of View From the Bridge, it is my pleasure to announce the publication of the inaugural edition of MJ Hudson Allenbridge’s VCT Spotlight Report. After the success of our first Spotlight report on AIM IHT, we decided that the VCT market should be next. In the report, we feature the VCTs fundraising in the 2019/20 tax year and provide our view of the current landscape (and performance). We want you to be able to make the very best investment decision, this year.

We are excited to publish this report, providing investors and their advisers with information on 2019/20 VCT fundraising, all in one place, for the first time. Although a small number of VCTs did not provide the required data, we are satisfied that the list of participants provides an excellent representation of the VCT market, open this year.

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