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Twelve facts on Carry-Back: All you need to successfully get invested in an EIS in 2019/20 – December 2019

It is becoming that time of year – and I am not talking about the required office Christmas parties and dutiful time with the family. Between Christmas and New Year, we all try to do a bit of life admin. For many, this is when they realise they have capital gains they want to get tax relief on for this 2019/20 tax year, or even for 2018/19. For those with a Capital Gains Tax (“CGT”) bill from last year (2018/19), Enterprise Investment Schemes (“EIS”) offer an ability to get relief via a Carry-Back facility. But not every EIS in the market can ensure you benefit from this relief.

I get asked about this many times throughout the year: which managers can ensure I get Carry-Back for myself or my client? It is hard to ascertain which managers and funds offer this service (and the information is not always up to date). Now our subscribers need fret no longer:  we have published our Market Insight report on the Carry-Back Facility for EIS. Moreover, we have added the ability to filter by those offering this service on our open offer page. Register here to see our subscription and upgrade options!

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