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Relief at any cost?: Fees in Tax-Advantaged Investing. Part I – defining the landscape – January 2020

Welcome to the first article in a series where we will look into the fees charged across the tax-advantaged market. The variety of structures and levels of fees charged across the market can make understanding them a particularly “taxing” process. In this article, we will outline the fees commonly associated with tax-advantaged products, including what each fee covers, (in terms of the services provided by the investment manager), who these fees may be charged to, and the different ways in which they could be charged. Throughout this series, we hope to make fee structures more understandable to the reader, and hope to bring some clarity to the costs associated with investment in the tax-advantaged space.

It should be noted that, while we have made every effort to cover the topic of fees comprehensively, it is inevitable, in such a varied market, that there are some fees charged, which are not listed, below.

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