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Picking the Perfect Product (say that three times fast) – February 2020

One of the most common questions we get asked here at MJ Hudson Allenbridge, is: “How do I select the best tax-advantaged products to invest in?”. The vast array of products on offer is both a benefit and curse to investors; by way of illustration, we see over 100 different products, spread across EIS, VCT and BR, each year. Faced with so much choice, it comes as no surprise that investors are in need of advice on how to narrow the field into a shortlist and then, subsequently, require data and tools to conduct the necessary due diligence, a convenient way. Of course, whereas some advisers and end-investors may be looking for a single, perfect product, others may be seeking to identify a selection of products, to act as a “whitelist” or “panel”, saving advisers and clients alike valuable time by restricting choice to a pre-approved pool of preferred products. Pretty useful.

This process can be particularly daunting for investors less familiar with this space. However, this is where the research team at MJ Hudson Allenbridge comes to the fore; as independent, third party due diligence providers, we are perfectly placed to lighten the burden. Through the use of a well-defined methodology, we have the resource and capability, not usually afforded to individual investors, in order to undertake in-depth market research, across the majority of products in the tax-advantaged market.

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Managing Director - Head of Research

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Vice President | Business Development