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Coronavirus – Implications on the TAI market – March 2020

There have been a number of significant developments across capital and financial markets in recent weeks, many of which have been directly or indirectly related to the ongoing impact of COVID-19, otherwise known as Coronavirus. As I am sure readers will be acutely aware, following the unprecedented sell-off across financial markets, there have been a number of both fiscal and monetary policies put in place to provide the necessary support to the economy. Much of this support has been focused toward many of the smaller businesses which will come under strain, and many current and future investors are left to wonder how future developments will impact deployment rates, valuations, and exit opportunities within the tax-advantaged market. Further, it cannot go unmentioned that recent events have transpired as funds within this space prepare for an increase in fundraising in the month leading up to the April tax year end. Below, the team here at MJ Hudson Allenbridge have outlined some key considerations in the current environment.

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