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Fundraising for venture managers: the missing piece of the puzzle – October 2020

Recently traditional ways of communicating have gone through a radical transformation, and the importance of connecting and sharing information is more vital than ever. With the lack of physical interaction, we need to find new ways to adapt and connect with our clients and wider networks. Every venture firm should be using a CRM system and an email system capable of compiling lead score, to really enable them to build a successful communications strategy, which is effective and efficient. A key starting point is you need to start looking towards how a powerful online presence can supercharge your interaction.

Here are 10 less obvious reasons why this is important.
1. Raising capital is a numbers game, the more people you touch the greater chance you have in raising capital. Building audience is critical. The only way to accomplish this is to get more names into your CRM system – categorized correctly. If a prospective LP doesn’t know you exist, they will never allocate capital into your fund. A relationship has to start somewhere.
2. LPs very rarely put up their hands and tell you they are interested. If you don’t know if a given LP is moving through your website, it is a lost opportunity.
3. If you are adept enough, and your systems are robust enough, there are massive marketing synergies if you are able to communicate across your portfolio. Sure, this takes strong categorization, however, most venture or private equity portfolios have contact cross-over. Very few firms actually take advantage of this. Think about having all the contacts across all of your portfolio systems in one system. The possibilities here are endless.

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