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Researching the Researchers: Investing in Biotech

The word ‘biotech’ can easily deter investors. It conjures memories of half-understood science classes, endless clinical trials, and indecipherable formulae. But this clouds the reality that biotech is a market sector in many ways much like any other, a theme we explore throughout our new sector report on biotech.

This year the sector is well-placed to take advantage of recent rule changes announced as a result of the Government’s Patient Capital Review[1]. The increase in tax-advantaged fundraising limits for knowledge-intensive companies will benefit almost all early-stage biotech companies. It is also possible that the curtailing of tax-advantaged products offering ‘capital preservation’ and the resultant shift up the risk spectrum may increase the focus on higher-risk growth sectors such as biotech.

[1] Financing Growth in Innovative Firms: Consultation Response, HM Treasury, November 2017

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