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The U.K.’s Next Top Media Model – July 2018

When former Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai was asked about his views on the impact of the French Revolution in 1972, he was reported as saying “it is too early to tell”. A quote which has survived countless retellings because it contains a kernel of truth: large, important events can take a long time for results to really come into view.

Considering the Patient Capital Review, which was the cause of so much spilled ink in the tax-advantaged investment industry after its announcement, was only in November 2017, it is perhaps unsurprising that the industry as a whole is still coming to terms with what it means in general for the industry, and what it means specifically for the sector most affected by the announcement: media and entertainment. However, in informally surveying some prominent managers in the sector, this has not stopped speculation about what the media sector might come to look like many years from now, with various scenarios mooted as to how managers might shape their offering to the new contours of the market.

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