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Guest Post: 5 Nuggets of Advice on Marketing Your Advice – November 2018

In this edition of View from the Bridge, we are happy to welcome a guest article from Matthew Craig-Greene, Managing Director of our IR & Marketing Solutions team. Matt advises fund managers, intermediaries and advisers on all aspects of positioning and communications, particularly in regards to attracting and retaining investors and clients.

In our many conversations with wealth managers, private bankers and IFAs (aside from the perennial issue of finding just the right product to meet the requirements of a client’s situation), one matter rises to the surface with significant regularity: “How can I and my firm stand out in a marketplace that is crowded with others claiming to offer the same service?” And, further: “How can I “market” my firm in a dignified and appropriate way?”

As active participants in the marketplace and specialist marketing advisers, we’ve seen a lot of marketing, good and bad. Of course, many of you reading this don’t need any help. But, then again, it never hurts to see what’s working for other firms.

So how are successful advisers ensuring that their firm is doing all it can to promote the business in a professional and effective way?

Below are five techniques that we have observed in the market and employed with our clients to help keep their marketing efforts focused and effective:

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