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Six of the Best: Our Picks for the Best Investment Reads of 2018 – January 2019

The beginning of a year often spurs us to look back at what we have learned over the last twelve months. In this newsletter, lead analyst Dr Simon Radford looks back at some of the books and articles that most influenced his thinking in 2018, in terms of analysing investments and fund managers. While we have no doubt that our methodology document for rating tax-advantaged investments made many end-of-year best of 2018 reading lists, Simon welcomes subscribers’ suggestions for must-reads in 2019!

A Super-Fast Overview and History of Tech VC
Neil Devani and Michael Ramos-Lynch

With the rule changes in the tax-advantaged investment world pushing more EIS and VCT managers towards early-stage, and tech investing, it is wise to remember the history of venture capital and the lessons of the past. In this five-part blog series, the authors use data and interviews with major players in the industry in the U.S. to provide a broad understanding of the evolution of the industry, to contribute context to conversations regarding the future of tech/VC, and to spark a thoughtful dialogue about the industry. I have found this a useful resource in helping to explain the need for a certain lens when evaluating venture capital managers and venture capital as an asset class.

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