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Tax-Advantaged Investing in the Film Industry

Film and television EIS investments have never been more popular. Out of the whole universe of tax-advantaged EIS products reviewed by Allenbridge, media accounts for 28% of the total. But some investors remain wary, put off by not understanding the journey each pound they invest goes on before it comes back as a return to them. In a new research report released by Allenbridge on the 7th of August, the authors break down how a film gets made, the financing jigsaw that needs to be put together before a film is “greenlit” in the first place, and provides an investor checklist to separate out “the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” of tax-advantaged film products. In a separate release for panel clients of Allenbridge, the authors pull out the facts and figures of the tax-advantaged sector, looking at everything from fees, performance targets, and business models. In our view, the report serves as the most complete overview of the U.K. tax-advantaged film and television world to date.

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